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What Happens if You Press L?

Do you remember when people would talk about ways to do things on your computer without using the mouse? Well, even though times are changing, some things still remain the same. You may not have known that Facebook now has a handful of keyboard shortcuts available to make it easier to navigate around the social networking site.

One of the best shortcuts is pressing the L key to Like and Unlike photos. (Note: you do have to be in the lightbox mode in order to use this shortcut, as shown below)

The new Facebook “L” shortcut has already given marketers a way to help integrate their offline and social media efforts, as Lululemon demonstrated in the use of the image below in a recent ad campaign:

Along with the L key, there are other useful shortcuts that can be used. If you are using Chrome, try this shortcut: while in your Facebook account, quickly add new friends by hitting Alt + 3 (on your PC, with Chrome.)

Use Alt + # on a PC

(use Control + Option + # on an Apple)

Here are some other shortcuts to help speed up your Facebook experience while in your account:

    • Press Alt + 1 to go Home (your NewsFeed)
    • Alt+ 2 to get to Timeline/Profile
    • Alt + 3 to add personal contacts as Friends
    • Alt + 5 opens Notifications dropdown
    • Alt + 6 opens General Account Settings
    • Alt + 7 opens Privacy Settings
    • Alt+ 8 takes you to Facebook’s own Page where you can keep up with company news and product announcements
    • Alt + 9 opens the Legal Terms page
    • Alt + 0 opens Help Center
    • Alt + m opens a New Message box
    • Alt + ? puts your cursor in the Search Bar at the top of page

These shortcuts above are a bit tricky because the way you use them depends on what type of computer you use, as well as your browser of choice. The examples above are specifically for Chrome users. We know that not everyone is in love with using the Chrome browser, so here is a list of ways to use the shortcuts within all browsers.


Chrome = Alt + the #

Firefox = Shift + Alt + the #


Firefox = Control + the #

Chrome = Control + Option + the #

Safari = Control + Option + the #

We’re dying to know…how many of these shortcuts have you used?

Source: http://blogs.webtrends.com/2012/03/what-happens-if-you-press-l/

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